The Consortium

Founded in 1985, Consorzio Vini Asolo Montello is a point of reference and connection for initiatives to enhance, protect and promote the Asolo Prosecco and Montello designations of origin (Montello DOCG and Montello Asolo DOC) in the province of Treviso.

With the aim of focusing these actions distinctively when related to Asolo Prosecco or other wines in the area, the Consortium equipped itself in 2020 with two specific brands: Asolo Prosecco (and the correlated Consorzio Asolo Prosecco brand), used when marketing Asolo Prosecco, and I Vini del Montello (and the correlated Consorzio I Vini del Montello brand), when marketing wines from the two denominations Montello DOCG and Montello Asolo DOC.

Over the years, the consortium’s activities and strong cohesion between local producers have enabled them to achieve prestigious results, above all the DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) recognition for Asolo Prosecco and Montello, as well as the VenegazzĂą subzone.

Their focus on enhancing vineyard biodiversity is also particularly important. Glera is the grape used for Asolo Prosecco, but the Consortium is also committed to other historical local white varieties, namely Bianchetta Trevigiana, Verdiso, Perera and Glera lunga. As for red grapes, international varieties are grown, as is a valuable grape variety called Recantina, which has been saved from the brink of extinction.
Also important is the Consortium’s awareness of environmental protection, which has led it to adopt a specific agricultural method for the supply chain.

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