The hills of Asolo and Montello were already recognised in the second half of the 14th century as an important oenological area: the wines that were born here were exported abroad as early as the 15th century, gaining ever greater success over time.

A century later Asolo and its landscape saw the triumph of the Venetian nobility, who built villas, barchesse and hunting lodges surrounded by lush vineyards on these very slopes. Among the aristocrats, a new way of thinking spread that centred on the quest for beauty and goodness, which was also transmitted to the popular wine-growing and wine-making world.

The Asolo hills were admired by the most important personalities of the time and the wine of the area was considered a sought-after product. In Venice, in the capital of the Serenissima Republic, it was compared to the prestigious wines from Greece, taxing it a third more because it was considered better than those from other areas.

Today Asolo Prosecco and Vini del Montello continue to enjoy the same extraordinary success as centuries ago, thanks to their characteristics that express all the beauty and uniqueness of an extraordinary territory.