The Territory

The production area of the Asolo Prosecco Docg Denomination is located in Veneto, in the Province of Treviso, and consists of 18 municipalities. The geographical area acts as a watershed between the famous area of the Dolomites, at the foot of the Monte Grappa massif, and that part of the Po Valley that runs from the right bank of the Piave river to Venice.

The area is made up of the hilly districts of Montello and Colli di Asolo and has an altitude between 100 and 450 metres above sea level. The territory has a strong integrity and a lay of land with slopes and curves that give it gentleness and harmony. Karst phenomena are frequent on Montello, evidenced by over 2000 ‘dolines’, with soil cavities of different sizes that form a perfect underground draining system.
The hills are composed of conglomerate formed by rocks cemented together and covered with marly-clayey or marly-sandy soils suitable for growing vines. The typical red colouring testifies to their ancient origin.

The territory of the denomination is characterised by a very rich biodiversity, with forests covering 29% of the soils in the area. The cultivated areas, in addition to including 6% vine-growing, include the production of olive oil, cherries, ancient apples and pears and botanical species that form the basis for local spirits.

Typicality and biodiversity, combined with historical and cultural aspects, make the Asolo area and the wine produced there unique. Asolo Prosecco is distinguished by its elegance and notes of white flowers, herbaceous hints and fresh fruit. Savoury, fresh and with an intense sip, Asolo Prosecco is the full expression of its land of origin.