Asolo Prosecco

Asolo Prosecco starts in the hills of eighteen municipalities that encircle the ancient village of Asolo. This is an enchanted place rich in art and history, and a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage recognition.

The entire Asolo Prosecco area lies within the Province of Treviso at the foot of Monte Grappa, on the high hills west of the Piave River close to the Dolomites and the Montello hill. Heroic viticulture is practised here. Glera, a grape native to Treviso, is cultivated in the crus. Together with Glera, other historical local grape varieties go into Asolo Prosecco: Bianchetta Trevigiana, Verdiso, Perera and Glera lunga.

Asolo Prosecco obtained DOCG status in June 2009 and was the first Prosecco designation to also include the Extra Brut type.

Asolo Prosecco is soft and well-balanced. It has a delicate body and distinct freshness, with aromas of lemon and citron, ripe apple and white flowers. It is the ideal sparkling wine for an aperitif, to toast a special occasion, or to accompany dinner.

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